Atlassian Consulting Services

Atlassian provides tools that developers already love. Kimshuka Provides the best Atlassian consulting services for developers and business leaders.

Non-technical teams can also harness the power of the JIRA, and we at Kimshuka and commited to help both Technical and Non-Technical work more efficiently and effectively. Jira Software is already the go-to tool for problem tracking and problem management for software development teams.

Jira’s collaborative functions, including the ability to assign problems, monitor problems, and link them, also give nonprofit organizations the opportunity to connect with people outside their organization to find the right people to drive the project forward. You can visualize your work in Jira to track progress and keep all team members on the same page.

The Jira Service Desk provides both technical and non-technical teams with an ITIL-certified helpdesk workflow to support external and internal stakeholders. This easy-to-use portal provides an easy-to-use interface for all departments to support requests, including technical support, project management and planning, and support for technical team members. Confluence also helps non-technical teams get their work done, while Jiras help them manage their work through a variety of tools such as collaboration tools and collaboration management.

The integration of JIRA and Confluence ensures that the entire organization is connected, so you can track open requests and solve problems quickly. With these elements we have been developing apps for Jira and confluence for almost half a decade.

Ensure business continuity, recovery time targets and compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS and PCI E3. Our business model is dedicated to providing cost-effective on-site consulting, followed by a mixed offshore / on-site solution.

This model helps us to keep costs down while providing high-quality development aid. We deliver the same level of productivity at a fraction of the cost, while providing high-quality, low-risk development and development management services.

As a flexible partner, we give our customers the flexibility to choose our service model from the first day of the project and to adjust it at a later date if necessary. Our team can work together to create content, share drafts and provide feedback, and share drafts to move projects forward faster.

We minimize the high availability of active-active clusters to reduce the impact on team performance and productivity. We meet the high demand by adding nodes to our cluster, with no downtime and no additional royalties. Get a single source of truth for all your work, with the flexibility your team needs.